Your Season Is Over: Week 5

By Eric Ronnebeck

Five weeks into the NFL season and it feels good to see some surprises in the National Football League. The Carolina Panthers are 1-4 and the Arizona Cardinals are 2-3. Two teams that were generally picked to be front runners throughout the NFL season have gotten off to a rocky start. I’m not ready to say that either one of those teams’ season is over as both of those teams have shown that they can put together a winning streak at any time. This week’s feature team, however, hasn’t shown that ability in decades.

Miami Dolphins: (1-4)

Joe Philbin was fired as the head coach of the Dolphins almost exactly one year ago. This move was supposed to hit a reset button for the Dolphin players, giving anyone who needed one, a fresh start. More importantly, this was Ryan Tannehill’s chance to emerge as a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL. Like today, Ryan Tannehill was struggling to be average, the team was 1-4, and their season was all but over. I’m not entirely sure what the root problem for the Dolphins is but I’m more than happy to throw out some theories for anyone reading.

Most “experts” thought that Ryan Tannehill was the third best quarterback available in the 2012 NFL draft. That’s why he was drafted number 8 overall by the Dolphins. Last season Ryan Tannehill stopped his yearly improvement at the quarterback position, completing fewer passes and fewer touchdowns than the year prior. Ryan Tannehill isn’t the worst quarterback but he doesn’t have success throwing the ball downfield and in the NFL that will earn you the title of “game manager”. The Dolphins still have 11 games left on the schedule and that should be enough time for them to evaluate Ryan Tannehill’s future as the franchise quarterback.

As for the defense, there are some great players on the defensive side of the ball for the Dolphins. Cameron Wake, Ndamakong Suh, and Mario Williams all play for Miami yet the Dolphins rank in the bottom third of the league in defense. Investing a lot of money in your team’s defense is fine if your team has a good defense but if your defense more or less sucks, you’re pretty much the Detroit Lions from a couple of years ago.

Whatever the reason may be for the Dolphins’ failures, it doesn’t matter at this point. They haven’t been a relevant team for a long time and if they don’t change the team’s direction that will never change.

Five weeks into the NFL season and we haven’t seen any surprise teams in “Your Season Is Over”.  Sometimes it can take a while for bad teams to turn things around yet one bad circumstance can turn a Super Bowl contender into a wash out. As of right now, that looks to be a real possibility for a couple of last year’s NFL playoff teams.

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