Your Season Is Over: Week 12

By Eric Ronnebeck

Twelve weeks gone from the 2016 NFL season and eleven games played by every team. We’ve seen two ties this season and sadly the Cleveland Browns would love to have just one of them. As a Seahawks fan, the various injuries throughout the season have frustrated me as I feel our record would be better without them but I’m happy to see this team (most likely) return to the playoffs. That brings me to last seasons NFC West champion. As far as relaxing sighs go, the featured team in this week’s column brings them all out for me. So with some coffee in my hand and my feet up on a table, let’s talk Cardinals football.

Arizona Cardinals: (4-6-1)

I don’t like the Cardinals.

It’s not because of any player on their team. I think I either like or have no opinion about the players on that team.

It’s not because of their coach, Bruce Arians. I think Arians is a good head coach and in this league, that’s not as common as people would have you believe (Mike McCarthy). It’s not their less than intimidating helmet design. My sports friends will tell you how fervent I can get about a team’s logo or uniforms and for whatever reason, I like that dumb bird that just stares blankly on the side of their helmet.

No, the reason I don’t like the Cardinals is that I think they don’t get it. That team was so bad for so long, in St. Louis and now in Arizona, that they never found a way to build a decent franchise. They’ve had some good players at various positions but they never dismantled their team to rebuild it and give that franchise an identity. Instead, they’ve had .500 teams that get paired with an aging elite quarterback and they go on a run. How far do they go? To the Super Bowl, once, but then they sputter out. They did it with Kurt Warner and now they’re doing it with Carson Palmer. This Cardinals team has the most talented roster I’ve ever seen in that city and they still can’t do anything with it. All the talent of Larry Fitzgerald, all the red in the crowd, all the “consecutive sellouts’ (even though you can walk up and get tickets on game day) is not saving this team. Blow it up and keep the young players like Johnson and Mathieu, build around them and give the franchise an identity. Do your best to”get it”.


With three teams eliminated from the NFC West that makes this column more difficult for me to write next week. NFC East, next week your ranks are being thinned.

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