Your Season Is Over: Week 13

By Eric Ronnebeck


Being a fan of the Seahawks since I was 4 (as long as I can remember), there are few things I’m envious of when it comes to other NFL teams. Growing up I always thought our helmet design/team logo could be improved on and in 2001, it was! I always wanted an amazing quarterback that would someday be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and in Russell Wilson I honestly believe we will have that. I wanted an NFL Championship for my team and my city and we have that. I want more of those but I’m more or less a patient man. However, there’s one thing I want for the Seahawks that we will never have and that is one of those old, corny songs that so many of those older NFL teams have. Maybe it’s because the Seahawks debuted in 1976 and those songs mostly came about in the 60’s, maybe it’s because the original owners of the Seahawks didn’t want one of those corny songs. Either way, I feel like we’re missing out. One of those teams with an old, corny song is this week’s featured team to be eliminated from the playoffs. “Fly, Eagles. Fly!”

Philadelphia Eagles: (5-7)

My hat goes off to the Philadelphia Eagles. Looking at their roster in the final week of the preseason, it looked like a tall order to realistically expect this team to contend for the playoffs. They had Sam Bradford as their starting quarterback (that’s strike one), they had a rookie head coach (strike two), and their skill position players weren’t anything to get too excited about (that’s a strike out for getting into the postseason). I liked the Eagles defense but they’re a young group, which means that consistency wasn’t going to be one of their strengths going into the season. Then, a week before the season started, they traded their Sam Bradford, making a choice to start a rookie at quarterback in Week One of the NFL season. That was a bold move that arguably paid off in the Eagles favor. Carson Wentz hasn’t been an elite player by any means but he’s been a capable quarterback in his first season and you can expect him to only improve from here. At 5-7 the Eagles can win out and possibly make the playoffs. With games against the Ravens (in Baltimore) and the Cowboys, I see at least two more losses that the Eagles will suffer in 2016. This would put their record at 7-9 which obviously kicks them out of the NFC playoff picture but will give the Eagles three to four more wins than I thought I would see for this team. The Cowboys have two very solid players at quarterback and running back, that could be enough to keep them as long time competitors for the NFC East crown but I like the Eagles to be the team in that division that consistently gives the Cowboys fits for years to come.


There are only four more weeks in the NFL season which means the playoffs are only a month away. Four weeks to go and seven teams that can’t make the playoffs means that this column gets to eliminate more than one team a week very soon.

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