Your Season Is Over: Week 14

By Eric Ronnebeck


I gotta be totally honest with everyone: I really wanted to write off the Green Bay Packers. They’ve had a bad season, they have a bad head coach, I’m sick of Aaron Rodgers, I’m sick of their fans who grew up in this area but can’t form their own opinion so they root for the Packers, I’m over it. Having said all of that, the Packers have turned their season around and are competing for the playoffs. That’s why I’ve chosen to turn my anger towards another team that plays their football games in a frozen wasteland. This team is one Aaron Rodgers away from being better than the Packers. Too bad for them, they’ll never know.


Buffalo Bills: (6-7)

“Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!” This is a popular saying by a beloved ESPN announcer named Chris Berman. Like most things ESPN runs into the ground, people start repeating it without thinking about what they’re saying.

“Circle the Wagons” is a term used to describe defense. In the Old West, settlers would circle their wagons so they couldn’t be attacked from behind and at the same time, attack in all directions. Breaking it down like that, it would be nice if the Buffalo Bills could “circle the wagons”. They’ve been a defensive minded team for the last 5 years at east but they’ve never been considered elite. That’s alright, though. A solid defense is something a team can build around. That’s the problem in Buffalo; they haven’t been able to add the right pieces on offense to make this team a contender for the playoffs. Tyrod Taylor is kind of fun to watch but he’s no more than a top of the line back up quarterback (sorry, Tyrod). The Bills have a good receiving corps and their running backs are good enough but they have no quarterback. Couple that with their defense and you have a team that should be at least competing for the playoffs but they don’t. I don’t like accusing a team of not having an identity but I think it fits with the Buffalo Bills. I don’t care that their head coach, Rex Ryan, has no business being a head coach. I don’t care that they have Buffaloes on their helmet (seriously, it’s the town not the mascot). This team is bad enough to just miss the playoffs. Ask the post 90’s Seattle Supersonics what that will give you: a mid-round draft pick that keeps you toiling in mediocrity.


There are only three games left in the NFL season. Next week, it should be time to introduce two teams into this column. However, I think I said the same thing last week. Like Pete Carroll, I practice consistency.

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