Podcast – 2014 Season – Divisional Weekend – Seahawks vs. Panthers – From The Hawks Nest

The Seahawks have the unfortunate task of playing the Panthers……again.  Will Cam Newton fare better than his sub 5 YPA and 1TD in 3 games against the Seahawks outside of Carolina?  Probably not.  Is there a path to victory for the Panthers?  Probably not.

One thought on “Podcast – 2014 Season – Divisional Weekend – Seahawks vs. Panthers – From The Hawks Nest

  • January 8, 2015 at 11:06 AM

    Whoa. Why the Dallas fan hate? a little history for you.

    Growing up, I played baseball, soccer and basketball. I played pee-wee football for one year(I did ok) but the coach called me “schnauzer” all season, which abruptly ended my football stint. I was a big time baseball fan at like 7-10 yrs old… and the first game I went to happened to be Yankees at Mariners(both were shit that year) I think it was 1991… and the yankees won. well, after my first professional game(of any sport, and being 7) I was like… I’m gonna root for that team! (cause I was 7 and had no concept of being city specific, plus I’m the youngest and like going against the grain and my family is very against the yankees, it seemed like a good fit)… fast forward 17 years and I hear about “fantasy football”… ok, well, hell I have seen very little football, other than the Super Bowl parties my church put on, which all the 7th-10th graders did other things while the game was on and just shut up for the commercials(doritos laundrymat shoutout) So I came to a decision in 2008 to be a Dallas Cowboys fan. I wanted to be against the grain, I didn’t like the way the majority of Seattle fans handled the 2006 SB, and much more the 2006 win over the Cowboys(tony romo’s botched snap) bothered me… so In 2008 I decided to take Dallas’ teams (where I was born, only one in my family born there) as my teams for other professional sports.
    So, yeah, for the most part I was a Yankee fan… but that started early, and I did get some good years out of that(dallas also doesn’t have a baseball team, which is my argument how I stay a semi-Yankee fan… I don’t really follow baseball anymore) but now, I’m a Cowboys, Mavericks, and Stars fan.
    Also, I know Seattle has a big time hatred for the niners, but I just spent the previous 3 seasons(not including this one) losing in week 17, to finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs, not to one team, but to each division rival… that was Brutal.

    anyway, enough about that. when it comes to the hypo… I’m gonna buy the Jaguars and move them to London(where they play the first 4 weeks in America, the middle 8 in London, and the final 4 in America) and they will be the London Redcoats.


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