Pick Review – Frank Clark

Over the next few weeks I am going to dive a bit deeper into each pick. We’re go in draft order, so first up is Frank Clark:


Frank Clark – DE
6’3″ 271Lbs

Round 2 Pick 31 (63)

Year Games Tackles Sacks
2013 13 43 4.5
2014 10* 42 4.5

*Missed final 2 games after being kicked off the team

I will get to the football in a moment, but I feel like it must be mentioned right off that Clark’s red flags are more than your more normal DUI type issues. He very much seems like a total dirtbag. I don’t mean that in a gritty football way, I mean it in a “seems like a terrible person that causes moral conflict when choosing to root for a team that he is a part of” way. For all of those reasons I really cannot support this pick and genuinely hope John Schneider and company have done some serious homework and are going to get this kid’s head on right.

For an on the field scouting report I see a strong, explosive player who despite his size at 270Lbs can play in space. Clark can hit like a ton of bricks, and if you don’t believe that ask Braxton Miller (if he remembers). Watching video of him at the combine makes me think he has a lot of raw physical talent, but then pulling up game tape I saw a player that routinely shed blockers and pulled down ball carriers in traffic with technique and polish beyond just natural ability. He has a nice rip and spin that he uses as a pass rusher that combined with his size and quick first step make him a danger to opposing QBs.

If Clark can summon the ability to be a good citizen, his talent and skill are enough to take him far. He has a big enough frame and enough strength to anchor the line against the run. He has the quick first step, explosiveness, and technique to bring down the passer. Watching him make plays in space he could be able to drop into coverage well, and the size is there to move him inside like Michael Bennett on obvious passing downs. I can see from an on the field perspective why the front office gambled on this young man, I just hope somehow he can show us off the field he was worth the gamble as well.

Where Does He Fit?

A pass rusher always has a place in the Seattle Defense, and Clark could be a very good one. With as much rotation as occurs on defense you can expect to see him on both sides, and with his skill set and versatility he could make it on the field a lot.

Who’s He Like?

His size and speed immediately bring Michael Bennett to mind. I haven’t seen him slide inside like Bennett does, but the same fast first step and ability to make plays against the run and the pass are there. If everything broke right for him, and he managed to clean up his act, that feels like his ceiling.


– Kevin Garber

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