B’s Keys to Week 5

I know the article is called B’s Keys, but Brett is out on a Spirit Quest so this week I am guest writing his article on keys to the game. – Kevin Garber

Seattle Seahawks @ Cincinnati Bengals
10:00 AM PST

This week Seattle faces one of their biggest challenges of the season in a Cincinnati Bengals team that is talented, complete, and playing the best football they have in a really long time. This was one of those games that before the season looked like it could be a likely win, but now is looking more likely to be a loss. This is not a good matchup for Seattle, but at the same time if any team on the Bengals schedule has the tools to stop them it is the Seahawks.

  1. Atkins Diet


Geno Atkins is the defensive tackle scary story that parents tell their young QBs at night to keep them humble, and he just may be feasting on someone else’s lunch tomorrow. Rushing from the inside against Justin Britt, JR Sweazy, and Drew Nowak I find myself fearing for the long term health and safety of Russell Wilson. That says nothing about the DEs rushing the QB after what was probably Russell Okung’s worst game of the season. The defense on the season has 13 Sacks to go along with a ton of pressures, so if Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, and Michael Johnson go off it could get really ugly.

  1. Legion of Boom

Earl Thomas falls to his knees to acknowledge the roar of the 12s.

If Cary Williams and Richard Sherman can combine with safety help to shut down AJ Green that could be enough to keep the Seahawks in the game. If they can pick off a pass or two or grab a fumble and help create some strong field position that could be the thing that wins the game. Since Kam Chacellor returned the D has not allowed a single TD…however that was against the Jimmy Clausen lead Bears and a Detroit Offense that seems allergic to it’s own potential. This is a big test against a complete team that is playing their best football. If the LOB comes out of this looking really good it would mean a lot going forward. Either way, outside of the Offensive Line this is the unit that Seattle will live or die with against the Bengals.

  1. Scoring Outside the Offense


Whether it comes from the special teams or the defense, this feels like one of those games where the Seahawks need to score some points from somewhere else. Tyler Lockett has proven that he is a threat to get loose at any time, and this is a game where it would go a long way if he did. Cincinnati has the type of team depth that allows for a solid special teams squad, but when he is on Lockett catches the ball on the run like he was fired out of a cannon and I’m not sure there is a team in the league that would say with confidence they think they can always contain him.

As for the defense, they have had some big plays with forced fumbles and big time stops, but they have yet to show up in the Interceptions column. This feels like the kind of game where a pick 6 could be a momentum turner, and a quick score to capitalize off of a deep pass or something along those lines. Maybe it is just wishful thinking because I really want to see the Seahawks over .500 on the season, but I can live with that blatant homerism…especially in Brett’s column.

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