Your Season is Over: Week 6

By Eric Ronnebeck

When I begin writing this article every week I usually have a good idea which team (or teams) will make it on the list. There’s always a team or two that could make it on the list but I keep them off for one reason or another. Maybe it’s that their division is terrible and they’re still only one game out despite only having one win. Other times it’s a team that had high expectations heading into the season and they just haven’t figured it out yet. It would be very easy to dismiss 10 teams in week 3 of the NFL season and I think we all can guess who those teams would be. As it is, I have to stretch things out a bit. So, observing this philosophy, I’m throwing in a name at the end that we all think should have been included long ago.


Kansas City Chiefs (1-4): What happened to the Chiefs?! This was the team that was going to give the Denver Broncos fits for the rest of Peyton Manning’s career! Well to start, their offensive line is a mess (imagine the Seahawks offensive line a little better). This leaves quarterback Alex Smith alone, every week, against a sea of pass rushers. This season he is on pace to be sacked a near NFL record 72 times, something he can’t afford at his age and ability. Justin Houston seems to be the only bright spot on the defense but like JJ Watt for the Texans is learning, you can’t do it all. The only thing that could make this season worse for the Chiefs is if All Pro running back Jamal Charles suffered a devastating, season ending injury. Jamal Charles tore his ACL this last Sunday against the Bears….


New Orleans Saints (1-4): I really wanted to believe in the Saints this year. Drew Brees is getting older but he can still play and he’s fun to watch. Their running game, led by stellar running back Mark Ingram, is good enough to take pressure off of the passing game. So why are the Saints 1-4? Blame it on bad defense; blame it on an entrenched coaching staff that has never shown a propensity for defense; it doesn’t matter. The Saints look old and slow. The only team they’ve beat this year is the injury depleted Dallas Cowboys and that took overtime at home. With only 1 win this season, they’re already 4 games out of first AND second place in the NFC South. Free advice to the general manager: blow up this team. You can gain some nice draft picks with the remaining talent you have on this roster. Do it for the fans in the Crescent City!

Darrell Bevell: Offensive Coordinator for your Seattle Seahawks: I’ll keep this short as to not be white noise in the cacophony of voices all screaming for the same thing. When 3 of your last 4 losses (dating back to the horrendous loss in Super Bowl 49) can all be whittled down to one problematic fact involving the offense, it’s time for a change. Since Darrell Bevell has become the offensive coordinator, the Seahawks have proven themselves to be an inconsistent team on offense, stalling out in the final quarter of many hard to watch games. Here’s the fact: if the Seahawks would have scored an extra field goal in any of those losses against the Patriots, Rams, and Bengals, the Seahawks would be 4-1 this season with a second Super Bowl title for the franchise. Chew on that for a while if you feel like throwing up. Calling for someone’s termination is pretty low if you think about it but facts are facts and making a change at offensive coordinator is overdue.

I fear that if a change isn’t made soon, we may see our hometown team in this column and that just can’t happen.

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