Your Season is Over: Week 15

By Eric Ronnebeck

The NFL playoff picture is tightening up and with only three weeks left in the regular season, there are a lot of teams sitting on the proverbial “playoff bubble”. In the NFC, teams like the Falcons and Buccaneers are one loss away from their season being over. Let’s face it, their season is already over. In the AFC, the Jets, Chiefs, and Steelers are fighting over two available playoff spots. There are other teams in the AFC vying for a playoff spot but they’re either in the horrendous AFC South division or they’re being featured in this week’s installment of “Your Season is Over”. So, without further ado…

Buffalo Bills (6-7): The Buffalo Bills couldn’t seem to get any traction this season. They would win a game, and then lose a game. Win a game, and then lose a game. Etc. At 6-7, I anticipate the Bills winning this coming Sunday against the Washington Redskins, only to keep the cycle going. Last year the Bills were a good defensive team. With Rex Ryan named head coach in 2015, fans in Buffalo thought this would be the year that the Bills defense would step up as an elite unit. With three games left in 2015, it’s worth pointing out that the 2015 Bills coached by Rex Ryan have worse defensive numbers than the Doug Marrone coached Bills of 2014. The defense is stout against the run and bad against the pass, putting them in the middle of the pack overall. Tyrod Taylor may be the answer at quarterback but as electrifying as he’s been at certain points this season, he hasn’t been healthy. The Bills aren’t a complete mess but they’re not really on the upswing either. There are teams sacrificing their records in order to rebuild for the future. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. I feel that teams that hover around .500 have a future of football mediocrity: not good enough to make the playoffs but not bad enough to get the high draft picks. This may be the case in Buffalo, a town that deserves better.

Sad to say (maybe) but there are only three more installments of “Your Season is Over” in 2015. With two or three teams in each conference having a legitimate shot at entering the playoffs with a sub .500 record, there are some teams that are overdue to be featured here. I doubt that any of those teams will be featured next week as the division races will come down to the final week. I’ll just say it: unless something changes dramatically, I anticipate the Atlanta Falcons being featured in this column next week. There are a handful of teams that can make it on this list over the next few weeks and the Falcons are the team I see being featured first. Sorry Atlanta, you’re about to get snapped twice. Come back next week to see if the Falcon’s season is indeed over.

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