Your Season is Over: 2015 Wrap

By Eric Ronnebeck

The 2015 NFL regular season is over and so are the seasons of 20 NFL teams. As we put a wrap on the regular season, and before we eulogize one final team for the year, let’s remember all of the teams featured in this year’s collection of “Your Season is Over”. (Feel free to play a sad Sarah McLaughlin song loudly as you read this)


Philadelphia Eagles (7-9): After firing head coach Chip Kelly, the sky is the limit for the Eagles in 2016.

New York Giants (6-10): Losing Tom Coughlin as their head coach may inject this team with new energy but they’re still missing some pieces if they want to return to the Super Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys (4-12): The success of the Cowboys is directly tied to the health of Tony Romo. Watch for that to still hold true in 2016.

Detroit Lions (7-9): If you want proof that a bad start to a season can bury a team, look no further than the 2015 Detroit Lions.

Chicago Bears (6-10): Rumor has it that Matt Forte has played his last game for the Bears. Sadly, the Bears may be that team that never gets over the hump. Blow it up.

Atlanta Falcons (8-8): If you want proof that it’s not how you start but how you finish, look no further than the 2015 Atlanta Falcons. Dan Quinn should know better.

New Orleans Saints (7-9): No quarterback threw for more yards this season than Drew Brees. If only this team had a decent defense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10): Jameis Winston had a pretty impressive rookie season but ultimately the Buc’s success rests on the franchise going back to the orange creamsicle uniforms from their past: fact.

St. Louis Rams: (7-9): Destined to finish at or around .500, the Rams are probably moving back to Los Angeles in 2016. Take some notes, Oklahoma City.

San Francisco 49ers (5-11): Who cares if the 49ers were terrible this year? They have all those championships from 20 years ago!



Buffalo Bills (8-8): How did this team’s defense get worse in 2015 after keeping most of 2014’s stellar roster? They hired Rex Ryan as head coach.

Miami Dolphins (6-10): Adding Ndamukong Suh somehow made this team worse.

Baltimore Ravens (5-11): They lost their quarterback, their running back, their best receiver, and their best player on defense to season ending injuries. They’ll be good next year.

Cleveland Browns (3-13): Although they finished “ahead” of the Tennessee Titans in overall record, the Browns are the worst franchise in the NFL. It’s no wonder that they can’t even get the first pick in the 2016 draft. They’re the worst.

Indianapolis Colts (8-8): Andrew Luck had a terrible season. Couple that with some very questionable offseason additions and you have the 2015 Colts: a team that missed the playoffs by one game.

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11): I don’t know if the Jags will continue to improve in 2016 or if they’ll be mired in mediocrity. I do know that their identity has more or less become that goofy helmet they wear.

Tennessee Titans (3-13): I feel like the Titans are one good running back away from being a 7-9 team. In the AFC South, that could be enough to get into the playoffs.

Oakland Raiders (7-9): I don’t know when I became a supporter of the Raiders but I’m a little bummed that they missed the playoffs. If they do well in the offseason, they should make the playoffs in 2016, in Los Angeles.

San Diego Chargers (4-12): I have no answers in regards to why the Chargers were so bad. I don’t see them improving much in 2016 but I do see them moving to Los Angeles.


And without further ado…


New York Jets (10-6):  The Jets had every opportunity to get into the playoffs Sunday afternoon and they couldn’t do it. They fired Rex Ryan in the offseason for effectively keeping the Jets from the playoffs and yet he still found a way to keep the Jets out of the playoffs this season. There’s no better way to cap the Jets’ season. Although Ryan Fitzpatrick had an admirable year starting at quarterback, Chris Ivory rushed for over 1000 yards, and the defense was stout; the Jets’ season still came down to Rex Ryan. Perfect.


Its playoff time in the NFL and the defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks are set to do just that: defend. Getting to a third consecutive Super Bowl would be damn impressive but I don’t want to settle for NFC Champs, I want a second Super Bowl title for my city. Bring it home, Hawks.

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