2016 Week 1 – Post Game Wrap – Seattle Seahawks 12 – Miami Dolphins 10

What a wild win for Seattle against the Dolphins today, as they come away with a 4th Quarter comeback and a 12-10 victory. An injured Russell Wilson found one of the heroes of the game Doug Baldwin for a Touchdown in the back of the endzone, and the Defense comes up with yet another big stop to put the game away with a pair of sacks on Ryan Tannehill.

There were two main stories for this game. The first story is the Offensive Line, which could not hold I together for 3 and a half quarters today. Britt and Glowinski looked good at times and never really had a bad series, but the Offensive Tackles were letting pressure reach Russell Wilson all game. Sowell seemed like every play he didn’t let Mario Williams in the backfield he held him instead, and it lead to a lot of stalled drives and a couple of nice runs being called back. However, when the game was on the line in the final drive the entire line held as the Seahawks pulled out an up tempo approach against a tired Miami Defensive Line. Christine Michael ran for hard yards including a big time 4th Down conversion, Russell Wilson scrambled on a bad leg, and Doug Baldwin was everything we could want him to be. Baldwin found a soft spot in the Defense running a slant and ran the route out for a huge pickup of 4th Down before fighting his way open in the back of the Endzone for the game winning Touchdown. Sowell and Gilliam were a big part of why Seattle needed to come from behind to win, but they also held it together just enough to let them win it.

The flip side of this is the Defensive Line for Seattle. The Seahawks Defensive Line made this game happen. There was pressure on a ton of plays. Clark, Marsh, Bennett, and KJ Wright all came away with sacks on the day, but that came along with 8 hits and a ton of hurries that kept Tannehill off balance and forced to throw short all day. Lane played out of his mind closing on the short passes and making big time hits, while Shead may not have been able to make big plays but got his hand on the ball a number of times. Reed, Rubin, and McDaniel were stout in the middle and held up against the run game, allowing Kam, K.J., and Bobby to make tackles time and time again. Coming into the season it felt like this Defensive Line unit was going to be the strength of the team, and today only helped confirm it.

I know we all came close to heart attacks, and I know that this wasn’t the win we wanted or felt we should have against a team like the Miami Dolphins, but the Seattle Seahawks are 1-0. If Ifedi is back next week and Russell Wilson’s ankle issues prove to be nothing serious, this team is looking poised for another big year.

I leave you with a big, bad man.



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